Art As Air Instigators

April Anderson - Head Instigator / Photographer / Image Stylist / Videographer / Editor / Director

Vathaska Cross - Co-Producer / Videographer / Co-Director

Martin Chytil - Web Design & Programming / Music Supervisor

Because We Must...

Team Art As Air came together for this project with a full-on desire to document and explore the wide range of reasons people choose to expend time and energy creating art in whatever medium that speaks to them. We call it passionate creativity, but it's so much bigger than that. Of course we, as the drivers of this particular artistic bus, are certainly not without our own needs in that arena, and one of the primary reasons we chose to do this was because we all wanted a new and important project.

So we made one.

Those of us involved in the making of Art As Air all come from different aesthetic backgrounds; singers, songwriters, musicians, photographers, videographers, web designers, and the multi-layered list goes on. Our approach to this is just as passionate as that of the creators whom we profile, and it's fascinating to see our own reflection in their words and art.

What is the purpose of this whole exercise?

Everyone featured within this project has a common creative thread. We feel a community of artists can grow out of this, and our goals include a full-length documentary, gallery showings and possibly a book. Oh, and the whole examination of all of the different crafts and processes is super interesting!

We will leave you with this; the late artist Zina Lahr once labeled the compelling need to make new art as a "Creative Compulsive Disorder." If this is true, we hope it's infectious and that there is absolutely no cure!


Team Art As Air