Going Commando in NYC

Artist Andy Golub staged a “NYC Body Painting Day” recently; an exhibition in Columbus Circle that drew a mixed crowd of some gawkers, along with those who attended in appreciation of artistic freedom. Reaction was respectful, for the most part, and included a general air of hushed awkwardness, yet admiration for those who were proudly displayed in all of their beautifully painted yet naked glory, that latter part, of course, being something most of us generally have nightmares about. I did not witness any untoward lewdness, although a few men did lean a bit too close to “examine” some of the painting being done on those who were more comely than others.

The NYPD had several vehicles standing by in the event that there might be some anti-naked wilding, but there was none to my knowledge. The art being painted could be likened to body graffiti; raw and colorful with tribal overtones. One would probably never see exhibitions such as these outside of NYC (unless one traveled to Europe), but that’s part of what makes our city great...when we fly our flags, we paint them with clothing or without, and any way we damn please. Period. That’s part of freedom, baby.

Find out more about the artist: Andy Golub