Andy Golub and The Living Mural

We first discovered multi media artist Andy Golub in 2014 at his Bodypainting Day in Columbus Circle. It was the first event of its kind in NYC, combining art and public nudity. In doing a bit of research, we found Andy has quite a history, having been arrested in years past for painting a fully nude model in public. Instead of slinking away into obscurity, Andy stepped up, fought the legal system and won for everyone. It is now legal in New York to be nude in public if said nudity is attached to an art project. We at Art As Air had to meet this man, and as a result, we've since done a profile and covered his 2015 Bodypainting Day, which was a far cry from the previous one just a year before in that it had developed legs and turned into a huge media firestorm.

Andy has changed rules and followed a creative path that has had bumps and issues, but through all of that, he and his art have prevailed.

Our most recent experience with Andy was covering an eight hour day in which he created a "Living Mural" involving 13 models who ultimately came together in a perfect masterpiece. There were four assistant painters to help attain the ambitious goal of a finished product by day's end and all were dedicated to seeing it to fruition. Andy was in the center of the melee, directing the creative frenzy, as well as wielding a mighty brush. There was paint everywhere, and the combination of positive energy, acceptance, organized chaos and absolute fun was more than infectious. In the end, achievement was unlocked, and 13 models lay in perfect formation. In days since, Andy himself has posed the question; "what is my work about?" In my humble opinion, it is all about the undeniable passion; the art in his heart. I can certainly dig it, and we are all looking forward to his next adventure!

Watch our mini documentary of the day here:
Andy Golub's Living Mural