Naty By Nature

Argentinian-born Natalia Zamparini (aka Naty) is one of those artists who are versatile in many genres, including fine art, murals, graphic design, and photography. She is also a henna artist, and we decided to focus for a minute on that rich tradition and her practice of it.

Henna itself has been used on the skin, as hair dye and for other cosmetic purposes for thousands of years, dating back to Egyptian times. It is made from the powder of the henna leaf, mixed with one of a number of liquids that may including water, lemon juice, or strong tea.

Natalia channels her penchant for design in creating beautiful patterns and motifs, each one a custom piece for her subjects. One of the interesting aspects we found with Naty is that she also decorates non-human items, like wooden boxes and recently, even a henna-like design on a wedding cake for a lucky bride & groom. In that case, henna paste was, of course, replaced with an edible substitute!

Naty has the soul of a true artist and as she expressed herself, it became clear that she is following a clear, inevitable and gifted path."I cannot NOT do art."