Jason Mejias

Performance Artist

"This is just always something that was in me. I always wanted to perform; I always wanted to create for people. After doing it for a little while, seeing the reaction and the feedback, it has really helped to drive even more the passion that I have for this."

Jason literally first caught our eye doing a rope performance at a “Caught In The Act” showcase at Circus Warehouse. We soon learned that his primary passion is the marriage of aerial and cabaret, and we were lucky enough to capture him doing just that during a Boys Night at the Slipper Room in NYC. This is a monthly show that he co-produces with partners Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin and Mr. Gorgeous (literally!), along with mega-talented host Cunio. It’s a delightfully fun frolic! That said, the level of technical and artistic attention paid by Jason and the “boys” within each act makes this show completely original and the sheer incredible physicality of the presentation is something you won't soon forget!

“I started when I was like seven or eight in competitive gymnastics, and then I really felt that I wanted to be a flying trapeze artist. That didn’t work out very well, I mean I was OK at it, and I was able to perform professionally for a little bit. That led me into doing aerial work because I realized the flying trapeze wasn’t really for me, and I started with doing rope, which is what I still do. I consider it my main apparatus; rope is definitely my favorite.

When you saw me at Circus Warehouse, that was the more circus-y, creative side of me doing my work, but I do have the best time when it’s fun, when it’s no pressure. There’s always pressure because you always want to do a good job, but when you know you’re going to get a really good reaction from someone because you’re doing something shocking or funny, that’s definitely the best part. I love doing that. Everything I’m doing tonight has that, so I’m very excited about doing all of this. It’s always about topping yourself, like,’ I did this, now what can I do to make it better…how can I top that act?’ I don’t have to rely on a crappy job that I hate, I do what I love to do and it’s awesome. I get to teach, which I love to do, and I get to perform, and that’s it. I’m able to survive in New York City doing that, which is a lot, so I’m very happy with what I do.”