Katrina Art

Performance Artist

"There's this popular belief right now that everybody is really an artist... BULLSHIT! Depression, anger, joy, elation, love, hate; all of them are part of art. If you don't feel all of them, if you don't get to experience all of them, you're going to be a very one dimensional artist. So even when things are horrible and miserable and fucked up beyond belief, that's good, because that’s going to give you more as an artist."

Katrina has the heart of a true artist. She can belly dance or sing an aria, or do both at once while wielding a massive sword. Team Art As Air had the pleasure of embarking on an epic night-long shoot with Katrina, as we tried to capture the essence of her creative passion. We think there is still much more to see, but we managed to peel back a few of her complex layers.

“I sew, I make dreadlocks, I make leather stuff, I’m a singer, a cellist, I’m a pretty mediocre pianist, but good enough to get by. I’m primarily an actor and a stunt performer and that’s kind of my passion. That’s what I love doing. Oh yeah, and I’m a belly dancer.

It isn’t for everybody. The worst things in your life will help you create the best art, and sometimes that can help you get through the worst things in your life, because you know on the other side of it, and even during it, you’re probably going to create some of the best stuff you’ve ever done in whatever medium you choose to work in. Being creative saves me from allowing my darker instincts to come out and plague the rest of the world.

For aspiring artists, pay attention to everything, because life is the best teacher, which is the cheesiest thing in the world, but it really is. And if you know what I mean you know what I mean and if you don’t know what I mean you don’t get it yet, which is fine. And always have fun every chance you get, because if you don’t have fun you may as well be corporate and make a lot more money than you’re making now.

Going through the worst things in the world seem to propel me to just sit down and write a song, or to act out and perform, or to put all of the energy I’m feeling into the vacation I’m getting from being myself and living through what I’m living through. When I get to act I get to not be in my own pain. When I get to sing I get to physically release all of the screaming I would like to be doing in my day to day life that I absolutely cannot do because that’s unacceptable. It lets me not have my shit together, but not have my shit together such in a way that isn’t going to hurt anybody, and frankly will probably help people.”

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